The CIADA (Carolina’s Independent Auto Dealers Association) is a group of quality pre owned dealers from across North Carolina and South Carolina.  Our Association is made up of over 1,200 Quality dealers who recognize the need to give back to our communities.  We have partnered with the Family Centers to invest in healthy childhood development.  The Prevention of Child Abuse is an important issue and an easy cause for us to get behind and support.  We as an Association recognize that healthy families make for healthy communities.  We are very proud of our partnership with the Family Centers, their effectiveness in our communities and the Prevention of Child Abuse in North Carolina and South Carolina!

– Michael Darrow


Lee (name changed) is a 5 year old boy with sensory processing disorder, who was struggling to accept limits both at home and at school. Despite his sensory needs being addressed in the classroom, Lee continued to struggle and was eventually expelled from a preschool, and later a half-day kindergarten program at a private school.

He was referred to the Exchange Family Support Program for in-home Parent-Child Interaction Therapy. When the discipline phase of PCIT was introduced during sessions, Lee struggled to obey simple commands. He initially spent 1 ½ hours in time-out before being able to calm himself and comply with commands. We are close to completing PCIT, and Lee often has sessions where he is able to calmly follow all directions given. If he goes to time out, it typically lasts about four minutes. Lee is showing amazing self-control and is able to follow directions even when they directly conflict with his own ideas or plans. We will continue to practice with Lee over the next few weeks until he demonstrates he has gained the self-control he needs to be successful in a public school kindergarten classroom.

Durham Co Exchange Club Family Center


Denice and, her daughter, Elena were at an impasse. Good intentions were not overcoming the resentment, anger and frustration in their relationship.

Like any parent of a teenager, Denice was facing new challenges but having raised two boys, she knew she was in different territory with Elena. Denice is not Elena’s mom – she is her legal guardian and parent since Elena’s mother died of ovarian cancer.

Denice and Elena’s mom had been long-time friends and shared the same faith. With prayer and soul-searching, they decided Denice and her husband would be Elena’s new family. This happened when Elena was 12.

Today, Denice and Elena are happier and hopeful. They learned about the Parent/Teen Solutions programs with Exchange/SCAN and jumped at the chance to have a parent aide work in their home each week.

“ Visiting with a family, in their home, you see them together and works with them on what’s going on with them at that moment,” says Kendra, their parent aide. “ Elena and Denice are seeing good progress on their goals to work as a team, communicate honestly, and improve self care.”

Exchange/SCAN of Forsyth County